Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Importance of advertising for your profit

Better the commercial the more traffic and earnings

First impression - crucial

When new people come to your site and see your business, they will quickly close if your site is not good. First impression is crutial for advertising. Must be appealing, attractive, inturesting, colorful.... and must say what your bussiness is all about in just few sentences.

Splash page

This way is great for all businesses. The advertisement for your vievers must be short, inturesting and memorable. You can put visual and voice effects (pictures, sounds and videos). You must attract your viewers, that's the most important for your online business.


Online ads: 

Paid ads:that appear on top of google or msn, pop up- banner ads, paid traffic, Social network ads , classified, and many other paid ways........maybe later

Free ads: 
Free social media page or profile, maybe google+, you can find the groups that need / are inturested in you
Free directories, Email advertising (watch for spam), if you can find free banner or text ads.
You can start by putting backlinks to improve your searchengine rankings, and improve SEO on your site.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surf and referral program

Free traffic site

Easy hits is a site with a surf program, has a comunity and a forim, has a link directory and has a referral program. Maybe you can earn something on easy hits but if no, it is a great way to advertise your site.
1:1 Traffic Exchange
Click The banner to check out this free surf site.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Invest for free

Get free money to invest 

Profitclicking if offering free money to invest in their program. You get 2% per day, but you have to surf 3 pages per day. I surf 21 pages and am done for a week. Add your page in the program and assign your free credits. Free credits (my case 4000) are yours to spend.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Play Games for Money

Marketglory banner Get paid by playing games

I play 2 games for money. The better you are more money you make. I you like playing games do it for real money. Dungeons and treasures is a game where you kill monsters in a dungeon, Market glory is a game where you play for a country and you fight other members and work make companies and more like real life.

Add-on that makes money

Topline add-on

I have a add-on that  rewardes me for the time I an online. It will not make you millionares but a great-no effort extra income.
Join TopLine today!

Get more traffic

Free traffic autosurf

3 very good and free autosurf programs to increase yout traffic and improve your chances in online earnings.
I order of alexa rank. Hitleap has the highest alexa rank. Pathwise i not the best because option automaticlly add credits like in all other 2 programs is missing.

Traffic counter

Follow traffic at your site

I use a Relmax counter. Relmax also uses a referral system. If you are inturested check it out HERE
RelmaxTop - the very best site counter. From creators of EasyHits4U