Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Probux payment verification

 Probux correction

Sceptical as I am I never invested money into the probux, but i still got some $ out of it.

First PTC site that payed me

The Probux is free to join PTC program. You get paid to click on ads and / or get referrals to earn for you. Minimum payout is 5$. I can tell you that you got less than 5$ because of the paypal transaction fee. I started from 0 and got to 5$ in 80 days. Not much, but i did it and so can you.

This was just my testing and verification, but imagine to have 20 programs like this....you can get 100$ per 80 days ... and so you can multiply like you want. You can see my result, if i would insist on going on i would rent referrals and earn more - much more. For more info go to their website

Friday, June 14, 2013

Earn by browsing with Jobego

Earn, advertise and gather referrals

I stumbled accross This site called Jobego and the idea is nice. I just checked it out and got some referrals on probux. I will put it on trial for now since i am not 100% sure, but just for starters is good for making referrals. Try it out...

Earn, advertise and gather referrals with jobego

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kingdomcraze online games

Kingdomcraze - play games for money

I have just found out about another game, with making money option. I checked it out and even kids could play this games. You can make money by playing games and doing ouher things too. by fighting others, doing labour....
If you are intreagued go to: Kingdomcraze
I found this on 30minutesaweek and here you can get mor info.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blog and zazzle store

Photoblog and jigsaw puzzle store

I have just made a blog and am promoting my zazzle store with jigsaw puzzles. I want you to tell me what do think about this two pages.

Easy Jigsaw Puzzles Blog
Jigsaw puzzles on zazzle

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New way of advertising

Social advertising

New program for advertising with fresh ideas

New free advertising program i have found offers a new options in increasing your traffic. Social advertising is divided into Facebook (Like / Share / Follow), Twitter, Google+1, Linkedin, Stumbleupon and Youtube (Like / View / Subscribe).

Social Exchange Service


New program and new opportunities

If you have the option of getting referrals you will gain bonuses. So please be in my downline.
My referral link is here:  http://www.socialhits.org/

How it works

You have many options. You first decide what and where you want to advertise and how. Each category is separated. You choose how many coins (2-5) will you offer for selected action. Then you should earn coins (you can also pay for them). You choose to earn coins by liking on fb or youtube, following others..... (the same options as already described) and the number of coins you get is written too. This is it. You may check the status from time to time, to make sure that you still have coins. When you ran out of coins advertising stops.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Get fans and traffic

Targeted traffic program

It already known that targeted traffic will increase activity of your online pages maybe sales.... In this program you get 50 free credits, you can advertise FB, Youtube and Twitter. You can set the language and country for the traffic and the results quick. Try it out 50 free credits for signup.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free backlink tool

Get backlinks for free

As i was surfing the net i came across this backlink tool website. I submited my url on their website and then checked a mintue later. Googlebot was on my page this minute. I also got 5 unique visitors. All that in a minute. Still waiting for more results, but i am satisfied with this Free backlink tool.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The smell of spring

Recent Catchy Little Art's designs 

My blog had a lack of pictures, so here they are. If you understand art you will find them great, i find them facinating and inturesting. Samurai is my favourite.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New matrix PTC

Global wealth force program

Matrix system and Ptc system

This unique system is for free and paid members, however you can earn as free member aswell. I got my 2$ from my sponsor and i will give 2$ to someone too. I saw only positive reviews and I hope this program works.

2 ways of earning

First Way: PTC

For all you clickers out there is a PTC program. It pays 0.01 per click and you can click more at the same time. There is a lot of links daily so you can earn.

Second way: Feeder matrix

You can earn your paid membership by clicking PTC ads or you can invest 2$ to join the Feeder Matrix.

Global Wealth Force banner

My promise to encourage you

My downline will be paid

I will give 2$ as a (quote) EWALLET TRANSFER from another GWF member(end quote), to the best clicker in my downline.

Advertise your link

I will remove my link somewhere in the future and my referrals will get a chance to advertise on my page. So please sign under me and leave a comment below.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free pages for online businesses

Increasing online income

List of all of the free programs and websites i used so far - Explained.

My websites/projects

The first and third are my pages and the advertising project I do is owned by my fiance. She is a painter and designer. My FB page is new so help me build it / share / like.....

Affiliate programs

These two health affiliate are one of the best i found till now and have to test some more. I can say that they pay as agreed. If you are a good  in sales you can earn big time.

Other websites and programs

Profitclickimg is a traffic exchange and investment program i like and hope to get money from. Linkreferral is a directory with community and the traffic depends of your activity there.

Autosurf sites with referral program

Heatleap has a platform and works diferently - measured by minutes. Socialhits is the newest one. All of them woth, traffic is probablly the worst, but alexa rank will jump up quickly.

Manual surf sites with referral program

ManualSurf and referral online  programs work just fine, but the traffic is not very good and  not targeted, but viewers will look at your site and if you can attract them they will click on your page. Easyhits is my favourite, because of the link exchange and comunity.

Games you can recive money from

I am playing Marketglory and i like it. Maybe some of you will like the other game better. Do not expect to earn a lot and fast by playing these games, but its possible to earn and have fun.

WebMailer sites/programs with referral builder system

All of this mail sending programs I signed into are a part of The10kchallenge program. The first i signed up in each of them i got bonus credits and still now some of them have credits, because as a free member i can send limited number of mails. I saw there was just some % of the members clicking on those mails. Example. I use 1000 credits for 1000 mails and if i got 50 unique visitors, it would be relly great. All of these programs have a referral builder and you can sign into many many of programs like this and you sooner or later get members signed under you. If you sign in the 10k challenge you will get all the "step by step" instructions. I just advise you to open a new mail, because of the number of recived mails is huge. You could call it spam, but some of you will not. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Verified Affiliate Program

Be an Affiliate

Health and beauty Affiliate network

I recently joined Moreniche and am working on my online store.

The things that persuaded me

- Cookies last for lifetime or till deleted
- Commissions are great and the one that has the record is 50%
- Enhancing health is a good thing
- Prizes boost your worksing wish
- You can set up a page for free
- Affiliates are helping eachother
- Forumfor information and help

MoreNiche Health Affiliate Program

New affiliates are joining so don't miss your chance to be before them, you can refer affiliates or sell the products. Or best do both. Make more income working for MoreNiche.
MoreNiche are happy to help each and every affiliate regardless of location, experience, religion or race, with MoreNiche you will enjoy greater income.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Make money with advertising

About advertising / promoting and earning

I am advertising my pages in various ways. Let me show you a part of My Way.

My Project - Startlink - Link exchange

Everyone is invited to use my linkexchange and promote your page. I hope you like it. Suggestions are welcome. I added many links and its quite some work to work all this manually, but all sites are linking back.

Profitclicking - investing and traffic exchange site

ProfitClicking banner I started using this program a long time ago as a free member. They still give you the free 10$ to start. I am now a premium member, earning 1.2$ per day and i am getting traffic. When i earn enough i always buy more positions and/or extend my membership. I still use other programs to increase the traffic to my site. Autosurf programs that i use and a manual surf program with community are still giving me most of my traffic.

A site where all can advertise

I recently signed up in free web site traffic and promotion program which has a forum, directory, reviews of links in a directory, traffic exchange, referral program....... all in one. So you can promote your site on any way you want and get credit for that.

Must not forget to mention

Squidoo Site for making Lenses (lenses are webpages) With helping society and staff that doesn't allow spamming. I like Squidoo, just i had to get used to it in the beginning. Now i see it is very simple and easy to make a lens, however if you want to be the best on squidoo, that is hard too.
Marketglory - a free to register online game for money. I kinda like this game and will probably never request a payout, because i ll upgrade my factories and employ more and more workers, making the economy of the state more solid.... A virtual world of economy. - My kind of a game.