Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Make money with advertising

About advertising / promoting and earning

I am advertising my pages in various ways. Let me show you a part of My Way.

My Project - Startlink - Link exchange

Everyone is invited to use my linkexchange and promote your page. I hope you like it. Suggestions are welcome. I added many links and its quite some work to work all this manually, but all sites are linking back.

Profitclicking - investing and traffic exchange site

ProfitClicking banner I started using this program a long time ago as a free member. They still give you the free 10$ to start. I am now a premium member, earning 1.2$ per day and i am getting traffic. When i earn enough i always buy more positions and/or extend my membership. I still use other programs to increase the traffic to my site. Autosurf programs that i use and a manual surf program with community are still giving me most of my traffic.

A site where all can advertise

I recently signed up in free web site traffic and promotion program which has a forum, directory, reviews of links in a directory, traffic exchange, referral program....... all in one. So you can promote your site on any way you want and get credit for that.

Must not forget to mention

Squidoo Site for making Lenses (lenses are webpages) With helping society and staff that doesn't allow spamming. I like Squidoo, just i had to get used to it in the beginning. Now i see it is very simple and easy to make a lens, however if you want to be the best on squidoo, that is hard too.
Marketglory - a free to register online game for money. I kinda like this game and will probably never request a payout, because i ll upgrade my factories and employ more and more workers, making the economy of the state more solid.... A virtual world of economy. - My kind of a game.

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