Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New way of advertising

Social advertising

New program for advertising with fresh ideas

New free advertising program i have found offers a new options in increasing your traffic. Social advertising is divided into Facebook (Like / Share / Follow), Twitter, Google+1, Linkedin, Stumbleupon and Youtube (Like / View / Subscribe).

Social Exchange Service


New program and new opportunities

If you have the option of getting referrals you will gain bonuses. So please be in my downline.
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How it works

You have many options. You first decide what and where you want to advertise and how. Each category is separated. You choose how many coins (2-5) will you offer for selected action. Then you should earn coins (you can also pay for them). You choose to earn coins by liking on fb or youtube, following others..... (the same options as already described) and the number of coins you get is written too. This is it. You may check the status from time to time, to make sure that you still have coins. When you ran out of coins advertising stops.