Sunday, November 25, 2012

Squidoo review

Writing lenses for fun and more

A free program lets you write everything you desire 

Squidoo is quite new and very popular site. Many users make money on it, by putting ads on the lens you make. You can make more lenses, you can gift a lense. You just must have content. Writing about something you know well and love, will bring the best results. And you will enjoy it. Even beginners can do it.  My first and worst squidoo lens is called Free-online-money-making-pages. Lenses are easy to build pages and one topic per lense is perfect. Single topic lenses, and each has a different interest is the key to generate a lot of traffic and money. You can make ads for your other pages (Like Zazzle)(My ad lense for zazzle advertising is called Catchy Little Art) and more usefull things.
My lense about a-free-way-to-make-money-online.

Friday, November 23, 2012

New hint for more traffic

Free autosurf program QuietHits

Good and reliable program i found and like

  • For 2 sites you view, one of your websites will receive one visit. New members will get 1000 credits
  • You can receive credits for your referrals. Earn 10% of what your referrals surf.
  • You can promote as many websites as you like.
  • QuietHits will ban sites for having framebreakers, hang_ups, popups, crashers...
  • You can surf unstopablly, noiselessly and view only sites with good content and NO SOUND!
Quiethits banner
There is another way to earn credits, hint

Promo ads on your page and/or...

  • 1 view/click gives you 1.5credits per page view
  • use your promo links in another surf program
  • get more credits
Here is an example - my promo ads. Click on them and i'll get 1.5 credits   :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sell your designs

Catchy little art store

Zazzle can help you earn extra

Why zazzle?

I got a request by mail, if i would like to write something about a store on zazzle. The girl is a very good designer, but new to internet marketing. Her's store name is Catchy Little Art. She is still designing and will have more and more products in her store. I am open to new sugesstions, like this one and will put a link to your page, like i did in the text above. Anyone inturested?


    zazzle's banner
  • Refer people to zazzle and get 15% referral rate
  • Refer any store you just add your id number
  • They help you with promotional tools


  • Sell your designs on zazzle - as a print on their gift products. (shirts, bottles, purses, i-phone cases...)
  • Earn on every sale, you can set different royality rate for each product
  • Can make more stores and they are free.
  • Get help: tutorials, guides, forum .....for free
  • You get traffic just by being thir member.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Profit Clicking

On a way to a paycheck

ProfitClicking bannerA program i joined a while ago and it is making me now 1$ per day and increasing. I have just checked and minimum withdraw is 20$. So i ll soon request a payout here too. It pays to insist. If i would invest 50$ i would be pretty much in the same place. This free way is long but pays off. If you want to learn more, already wrote about it here:
Invest for free

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Make your first online dollar

A trick for beginners

I did a page where i showed how easy is to earn online. It is just for start if you don't have any capital to invest. For anyone with computer and internet connection. It is so easy, registration if free and pays off. This way even the people with no experience can earn. I pasted a affilliate link for all of you who can make pages, and a banner for all of you who like playing games.

For all of you who didn't see my page yet please go to:
How i made my first dollar

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I earned in a game

I earned my first euro in a game that i play called MarketGlory.
I already spend some to block 2 referrals for 30 days and thay are regular players, so i ll earn even more.
My earnings are increasing by each day.
I checked for a payout and Quote : Money transfers will be made only if the amount requested is bigger than 20 Euros.
So soon i ll get my check. If i don't spend it in a game for more profits...