Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sell your designs

Catchy little art store

Zazzle can help you earn extra

Why zazzle?

I got a request by mail, if i would like to write something about a store on zazzle. The girl is a very good designer, but new to internet marketing. Her's store name is Catchy Little Art. She is still designing and will have more and more products in her store. I am open to new sugesstions, like this one and will put a link to your page, like i did in the text above. Anyone inturested?


    zazzle's banner
  • Refer people to zazzle and get 15% referral rate
  • Refer any store you just add your id number
  • They help you with promotional tools


  • Sell your designs on zazzle - as a print on their gift products. (shirts, bottles, purses, i-phone cases...)
  • Earn on every sale, you can set different royality rate for each product
  • Can make more stores and they are free.
  • Get help: tutorials, guides, forum .....for free
  • You get traffic just by being thir member.

1 comment:

  1. Zazzle is great, there are many nice shops. Catchy little art is one of the newest shops and it's typical artistic.