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sellhealth banner My definition of an affiliate program is: you have to sell their products to make commission. You should have your site, domain ect. Afcourse there is many other ways of advertising. If you are good seller you can try this two programs. For someone who has no time or doesn't know how and has no experience, i would recomend something else. However, if you know how and are good in marketing and advertising, you can make a lot of money. Moreniche's alexa rank is higher, but  Sellhealth has more products. You can as well do both. Health and beauty affiliate program called MoreNiche is the one i started my affiliate marketing career with. It is verified, pays good and offers help, some content, product pictures, free templates and hosting... Very good for starting your home business. I must not forget about my "first that paid" affiliate program called Sellhealth. It is free to register.  Product are health related and some are adult. In the Cashburners program products are only adult enhancements.

Verified Affiliate Programs

Selling health products

Moreniche These three health affiliates are one of the best i found till now. I can say that they pay as agreed. If you are a good  in sales you can earn big time.

Design custom products, promote stores and refer designers.

Selling designs and their promotion These two programs will pay you 15% of your referral earnings.
You can promote any store by adding your id number
You can earn by selling your designs / pictures on products in the store you make.

Writing articles for money

Like me you could write a blog. This has more benefits. You can get targeted and organic traffic to your sites, can promote your's or anyone's page and you have freedom of expression and no work schedule. I was not working hard, I wrote some posts for a promotion of my sites and I earned a bit by doing so - it is worthwhile. On blogger you can easily earn more with AdSense.

Join Marketglory

Game for cash

My first earned gaming euro was on the game MarketGlory. I like the game and without referrals i made my first euro. I am going to invest it in game for more profits...I hope for referrals and more profit. I am daily player and i spend less than 1h a day playing it, while I, check my mail, FB,....


  1. I've been doing affiliate and commission programs to earn extra income through internet. Plus I also do binary option trading. I'd love to try your sellhealth for my blog and cafepress.

  2. If you want to sell art cafepress is good, and sellhealth is for health products. You can try them both if you are inturested.