Sunday, November 25, 2012

Squidoo review

Writing lenses for fun and more

A free program lets you write everything you desire 

Squidoo is quite new and very popular site. Many users make money on it, by putting ads on the lens you make. You can make more lenses, you can gift a lense. You just must have content. Writing about something you know well and love, will bring the best results. And you will enjoy it. Even beginners can do it.  My first and worst squidoo lens is called Free-online-money-making-pages. Lenses are easy to build pages and one topic per lense is perfect. Single topic lenses, and each has a different interest is the key to generate a lot of traffic and money. You can make ads for your other pages (Like Zazzle)(My ad lense for zazzle advertising is called Catchy Little Art) and more usefull things.
My lense about a-free-way-to-make-money-online.

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