Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Probux payment verification

 Probux correction

Sceptical as I am I never invested money into the probux, but i still got some $ out of it.

First PTC site that payed me

The Probux is free to join PTC program. You get paid to click on ads and / or get referrals to earn for you. Minimum payout is 5$. I can tell you that you got less than 5$ because of the paypal transaction fee. I started from 0 and got to 5$ in 80 days. Not much, but i did it and so can you.

This was just my testing and verification, but imagine to have 20 programs like this....you can get 100$ per 80 days ... and so you can multiply like you want. You can see my result, if i would insist on going on i would rent referrals and earn more - much more. For more info go to their website


  1. I tried it and it works. Slowly growing and insisting a long time may get you money. Otherwise it is a waste of time. If you don't trust me that's another issue.

  2. Probux, like many other "bux" and clicking programs died. Wandering if making myself a bux site would get me some money, or i would just get arested