Friday, February 1, 2013

New matrix PTC

Global wealth force program

Matrix system and Ptc system

This unique system is for free and paid members, however you can earn as free member aswell. I got my 2$ from my sponsor and i will give 2$ to someone too. I saw only positive reviews and I hope this program works.

2 ways of earning

First Way: PTC

For all you clickers out there is a PTC program. It pays 0.01 per click and you can click more at the same time. There is a lot of links daily so you can earn.

Second way: Feeder matrix

You can earn your paid membership by clicking PTC ads or you can invest 2$ to join the Feeder Matrix.

Global Wealth Force banner

My promise to encourage you

My downline will be paid

I will give 2$ as a (quote) EWALLET TRANSFER from another GWF member(end quote), to the best clicker in my downline.

Advertise your link

I will remove my link somewhere in the future and my referrals will get a chance to advertise on my page. So please sign under me and leave a comment below.


  1. RIGHT!!?? might want to check out Official Scambusters on LR.

    1. I did not find anything on Global wealth force
      Can you provide a link?