Friday, December 7, 2012

Finding the ultimate Niche

The importance of popularity

What will make people attracted to your content

You should make a reasearch about all the popular things. Example If you are an affiliate and you are selling products you will earn more if you promote popular products than less known. You should not write lies about the product, you just have to describe it your way. Funny, critical, just can do all those reviews, but can you write with energy, so the writing will attract the people that visit. Use pictures and colours.

Make the content for the traffic you are getting

You can do a reasearch statistics for your page. Check thir gender, age, country..... You even can put voting on your site and then you will see what content will be suitable. You can search statistics for the time the people stay on each page and you will see what pages are inturesting to your audience.

Start making content for people

All the search engines have algoritms to index your page. Spiders - bots will read it and index it later. They are all trying to make the bots and  indexing algoritms as human as can be achieved. So dont forget to think of your audience first. If you are on first page on google you will get lots of traffic and you will be checked by many people and if you are not worthy you will get bad reviews. So not just traffic is important, the quality is too. You better have less targeted traffic, than more useless traffic. Targeted traffic will bring you comments, likes and probbably sales - so conversion Sales/Visits can be high. Good sites and products advertise themselves. I think that's what you want. A?

Stop spaming

We all clicked on a page that was first on google and got spam. What a waste of time. He got loads of traffic, but maybe 1/1000000 was naive enough to buy that scam. And probbably google banned that site the next week. Try to be good, unique and honest. And don't forget, the patience is a good virtue.

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